Sisal Nesting Baskets

  • This set of three nesting baskets has been handmade in Eastern Kenya by a Fair Trade women’s cooperative. The craft of sisal weaving is indigenous to their village, and the group has been passing the knowledge down through multiple generations.

    Sisal is a sustainable species of the agave plant that produces a sturdy and stiff fiber. Artisans remove leaves from the sisal plant and roll the leaves on their legs to make a rope. The rope is dried in the sun and then dyed and ready for weaving. Beginning at the center of the basket and weaving around in a circular pattern, the largest basket size can take up to one month to complete.

    The women of the cooperative work together to produce baskets, bags and other sisal items. They love to encourage each other in work and life and help those from the community in need.

    Our nesting basket set is the perfect organizing accessory for a nursery, bathroom, or living space.

  • This set contains three baskets. The largest is 11” W x 12” H. The medium basket is 9” W x 8” H. The smallest basket is 6” W x 6” H. Made of sisal. Handcrafted in Kenya.

    Each basket has been individually made by hand and no two are exactly alike. Finishes may differ slightly from piece to piece. Variations in color, finish, size and shape may occur. Please contact us if you have any specific needs or questions.

  • Sisal baskets are sturdy and resilient. Take care when exposing your baskets to full sunlight as it may cause fading. Avoid submerging your baskets in water. To reshape your baskets, lightly spray the creased areas with water and fold them into the desired shape.

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