Bone Inlay Box - Indigo Floral

  • Our bone inlay box has been created by a family of master artisans in Rajasthan, India. Using a technique that has been passed down through multiple generations, each box is hand crafted in a meticulous and detailed process.

    This beautiful indigo bone inlay box features a traditional botanical pattern. Adorned with intricately carved recycled and naturally occurring bone, it takes a team of individual artisans to create a single box. One artisan is responsible for hand carving each piece of bone into delicate leaf shapes. A second person affixes those pieces onto a wooden frame in the intricate pattern featured on the box. The third and final master artisan fills the outline of the pattern with colored resin to create the background. Additional team members sand and seal the box before it is complete.

    We’re in love with the stunning contrast between the intricate floral pattern and the indigo resin background. Our bone inlay box makes a great place to stash jewelry, remote controls or office essentials. Every purchase directly supports our artisan partners in India.

  • This box is approximately 14”L x 9”W 4”H.

    Each box has been individually crafted by hand and no two are exactly alike. Please Contact Us if you have any specific needs or questions.

  • Wipe clean with a damp cloth. Dry completely. Avoid harsh cleaners or chemicals. Please handle with care.

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