Entertaining Gift Set

  • Our Entertaining Gift Set contains a curated assortment of chic entertaining essentials perfect for any celebration. We have sourced the items in this set from our Fair Trade partners in Uganda, Kenya and South Africa.

    The Bottle Coaster has been handmade by a women’s cooperative in Uganda using locally sourced raffia, sweetgrass and organic dyes. Using a needle and thread, the artisans wrap hand-dyed fibers into a tightly coiled, durable coaster perfectly sized for a bottle of wine or sparkling water.

    A cooperative of artisans in Kenya create our Bottle Opener, which they have crafted using discarded and sustainably sourced cow bone. They polish and carve each opener by hand with meticulous precision and detail.

    Our Elephant Bottle Stopper is created by a woman-owned, boutique manufacturer in Cape Town, South Africa. Using an eco-conscious production method, the artisans cast each bottle stopper from zinc and coat the exterior of the molded elephant with an antique brass finish.

  • This gift set comes in a special gift box that is 9.5" L x 6" D x 3.25" H.

    Our Entertaining Gift Set contains authentic and high quality handmade products sourced directly from our Fair Trade artisan partners. No two pieces are exactly the same. Minor imperfections may be visible that speak to the handmade process and tell the story of its creator, adding to the character and patina of each piece.

  • All of our products are handcrafted using the finest natural materials. We recommend handling them with care and spot cleaning by hand when necessary. 

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