Hammam Hand Towel - Bodrum Stripe

  • Our pretty hand towels are woven by local artisans in the Anatolian region of Turkey. Using techniques that have been passed down through many generations, each one is made in the great tradition of Turkish towels.

    Known as Peshtemals, Turkish towels are world famous for their durable and soft texture that is lightweight yet super absorbent. 

    In ancient times before every home had a private bathroom, communities would revolve around a traditional bathhouse. People would gather there to socialize and clean themselves. Since these buildings were very humid, the towels used there needed to be lightweight and quick drying. While the hammam towel has outlived the tradition of shared public bathhouses, its use has expanded to be the perfect companion for powder rooms and en-suite bathrooms everywhere.

  • Each hand towel is made from 100% cotton. It is approximately 18” x 37” with a 2" fringe when unfolded. Handmade in Turkey.

  • Machine wash in cold water. Delicate cycle recommended. Tumble dry low or line dry. These towels will get softer with every wash.

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