Oaxacan Palm Basket

  • Our Oaxacan Palm Basket has been handmade by a family of artisan basket weavers in the Mixtec region of Southern Mexico.

    The artisans use an entirely by-hand technique that has been passed down through many generations. First, they collect the palm leaves in the mountains that surround their village. They use the natural environment to their advantage, and lay each frond in the sun to dry for several days before it is ready to be cleaned with a knife. Palm from this area comes in several natural colors, but sometimes the artisans dye the leaves for brighter and vibrant styles.

    Once the leaves are ready for weaving, the artisans use the dexterity of their fingers to weave and knot palm fronds into lightweight and flexible baskets. Each basket takes a few hours to complete, and artisans can make about three baskets a day.

    Basket weaving is a way of life in this region, as it provides a sustainable source of income for artisans in remote villages surrounding Oaxaca city. These sturdy yet lightweight baskets are the perfect size for storing small toys, table linens, cosmetics or household tools.

  • This basket is 5.5" H x 5" W.

    Our Oaxacan Palm Basket is a high quality handmade craft sourced directly from its maker. No two baskets are exactly the same. Minor imperfections may be visible that speak to the handmade process and tell the story of its creator, adding to the character and patina of each piece.

  • All of our products are handcrafted using the finest natural materials. To prevent loosening the shape or weave of the basket, we recommend handling it with care and spot cleaning when necessary. 

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