Marble Nesting Bowls - Set of 3

  • Our Marble Nesting Bowls have been hand-carved by master artisans in Rajasthan, India. The craft of carving three-dimensional forms into solid marble is one of the world’s oldest arts.

    Traditionally reserved for statues, sculptures and architecture, carved marble can take on any form. Carving marble in India dates back to the 7th Century BC, where it was considered the royal stone used to build temples, tombs, palaces and monuments. Most notably, the Taj Mahal is a magnificent work of marble located in nearby Uttar Pradesh.

    Using a technique that has been passed down through multiple generations, each bowl is hand crafted in a meticulous and detailed process. A team of artisans contributes to each step of the process, beginning with the use of hand chisels and machine tools to craft the general shape. A second artisan is responsible for finishing the design and a third polishes the completed stone figure.

    The material of choice for these master artisans is marble native to their region. Its pure white color with deep veins looks natural in any climate. This durable piece will take on character as it is exposed to natural elements.

    Our Marble Nesting Bowls are a classic and stylish way to present spices or nuts on a table or countertop.

  • This is a set of 3 small Marble Nesting Bowls. The largest is 6" x 6" and approximately 1.25" H. The middle bowl is 5" x 5" and 1" H, and the smallest is 4" x 4" and 1" H.

    Each Marble Bowl has been individually crafted by hand and no two are exactly alike. Due to the handmade nature of each piece, there will be variations in the marble that add to the item’s character, and tell a story of its unique history and significance. Please Contact Us if you have any specific needs or questions.

  • Hand wash recommended.

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