Recycled Glass Bead Strand - Tortoise Shell

  • Our strands of decorative, recycled glass beads are handmade by a fair trade cooperative of women artisans in Ghana whose entire process harnesses locally sourced and recycled materials. The rich history of beads in the region dates back to the ancient times when they were used as the King’s currency. Today, they are a vital part of the artisan economy.

    To create each bead, the artisans use a rock to break apart glass bottles and grind them into a powder. The powder is then placed in clay molds and fired. Once the glass has melted into a liquid, they use a cassava leaf stem to poke a hole through the bead. The beads form as they cool before being polished with sand and water.

    The colors chosen for each bead invoke specific meanings embedded by their creators; depending on the shade, beads can represent wealth, fertility, and purity. Strung together on a large strand, they are a unique and beautiful representation of a traditional Ghanian craft.

    Our recycled glass bead strands are a colorful addition to any coffee table, bookshelf or bar cart. Every purchase directly supports our fair trade and environmentally friendly artisan cooperative in Ghana.

  • Our bead strand is approximately 11” long. Each handmade bead is about 1” in diameter and the strand contains anywhere from 31 to 37 individual beads. For decorative use only.

    Each bead is handcrafted individually and slight variations in color, finish, size and shape may occur. Small amounts of wear and tear may be visible. These distinctions speak to the handmade process and tell the story of the artisan whose hands shaped it.

  • Wipe clean with a damp cloth. Dry completely. Avoid harsh cleaners or chemicals. Please handle with care.

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