Jaipur Embroidered Pillow VIII

  • Our Jaipur Pillow collection features a handmade embroidery panel framed by sustainable Belgian linen. Traditional embroidery is a technique from the Kutch and Saurashtra regions of Gujarat in North Western India.

    One of the highly recognized and traditional crafts of India, this embroidery features brightly colored and complex hand stitches. 

    Designs are embroidered on cotton fabric using vibrantly colored threads. A fine awl with a hooked end is held below the cloth and pushed through and back again to create a loop. This process is repeated many times so that a continuous line of chain stitch forms. 

    Hand stitching is a livelihood for women in remote villages, where their work often depicts their daily lives and surrounding environment.

    Each piece of embroidery has a specific story to tell about cultural heritage and the artisan handmade process. Our Jaipur Pillow Collection is a luxurious addition to your home, steeped in tradition and craftsmanship.

  • This pillow is 14” x 20” and comes stuffed with a removable down/feather insert enclosed by a brass zipper. The back side of our pillow features 100% Belgian linen sourced from a sustainable mill and our signature Meridian tag.

    Our Jaipur Pillow collection contains an authentic and high quality piece of embroidery from India. Due to its entirely handmade creation process, no two pillows are exactly the same. Minor imperfections may be visible that speak to the handmade process and tell the story of its creator, adding to the character and patina of each piece.

  • All of our textiles are handcrafted using the finest natural materials. To prevent loosening the shape or weave of the cloth, we recommend dry cleaning our pillow covers.

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