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About Our Capsule Collections

We believe in the simplicity of owning fewer, better things. At the same time, we love to decorate our homes with objects and stories that reflect where we’ve been and where we want to go. Our love for design has lead us to the capsule, a collection of well-traveled, handmade decorative items that transcend seasons and trends.

Our Capsule Collections include tailored and timeless pieces that are handmade using traditional crafts, and feature essential and influential items we’ve sourced from the most talented artisans around the world.

Each Capsule celebrates limited edition decor pieces that are easy to mix in with your current design style, and that instantly coordinate with our entire collection.

MERIDIAN Capsule Collections feature only the most essential and classic designs, handmade by top craftspeople in over 20 countries. It’s the best of handmade global design, straight to your door.

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