Block Print Napkin Set - Bernadette

  • Our Block Print Napkins (Set of 4) have been handmade by a family of master artisans in Rajasthan, India. Using a technique that has been passed down through multiple generations, each napkin is printed by hand using an ancient process. 

    To begin, a master craftsperson carves the desired pattern -- or fragment of a pattern that will later be combined -- out of a solid piece of locally sourced wood. After the block is completed, a second artisan mixes natural dyes before he dips each block and presses it down onto a long strip of cloth. Designs that contain multiple colors or complex images often require several different blocks to complete the pattern. This art form requires an incredibly steady hand and a precise, repetitive movement to execute a master-level block print.

    Our collection of block print napkins is made entirely by hand, including the printing, cutting and sewing of each individual napkin at the family’s facility in Rajasthan. Every purchase directly supports our artisan partners in India. 

  • Each napkin is approximately 20” square with a ¼” hem. There are 4 napkins in a set. Handmade in India.

  • Machine wash separately. Tumble dry low. Warm iron as needed.

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