Ceremonial Kero Cups - Set of 3

  • This set of 3 simple, flared cylindrical shaped kero, or ceremonial cups, were hand-carved in the Cusco region of Peru from a single piece of wood. These cups were most likely used by common people in Incan rituals and ceremonies as part of an offering for the gods to pray for benevolence or fertility, or to reaffirm loyalty in religious, social or political relations.

    As part of the offering, each kero would be filled with a liquid called chicha, a fermented drink akin to beer made from maize, squash, quinoa, or cassava fruits. Since ancient times, corn in Peru has been considered a sacred crop, and chicha in particular has had a very high status. In more modern times, Peruvians sprinkle chicha on the ground from the communal cup when they sit down together to drink.

    We love the history behind this one-of-a-kind trio. The patina and wear from their daily use lend itself perfectly to a conversation piece on a shelf or table.

  • This is a set of three vintage cups ranging in size from 3" x 3" to 5.5" x 4". Intended for decorative use only. Do not use with food.

    Each Ceremonial Kero Cup has been individually crafted by hand and no two are exactly alike. Due to the age of each piece, there may be small marks, scratches and some variation in color that are consistent with the cup's age and original use. These markings add to the item’s patina, and tell a story of its unique history and significance. Please Contact Us if you have any specific needs or questions.

  • Wipe clean with a damp cloth. Dry completely. Avoid harsh cleaners or chemicals. Please handle with care.

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