Olive Wood Spoon I

  • Our Olive Wood Spoon has been hand carved from sustainably sourced olive wood in Kenya.

    Olive wood is a warm wood with detailed grain patterns that is known for its durability. The carving of olive wood is a craft native to Eastern and Southern Africa, and touches upon many countries in the region. Our Fair Trade artisan partners reside in a small, rural community in Southwestern Kenya. The group is completely self-taught and relies entirely on this craft for their sole source of income. They are known throughout Kenya for their prized and detailed woodwork.

    Treated with food-safe sunflower oil, these spoons are safe to use in the kitchen and with food preparation. They are also beautiful on their own and make for a natural sculptural element when displayed on the counter, especially in groups.

  • This spoon is approximately 7.25" L x 2" W.

    Each spoon has been individually carved by hand and no two are exactly alike. Due to the handmade nature of each piece, there may be wood grain and tone variation and small marks that add to the item’s patina, and tell a story of its unique history and significance. Please Contact Us if you have any specific needs or questions.

  • This spoon is 100% olive wood. It has been treated with food safe sunflower oil. Hand wash to maintain the wood's full natural beauty and apply food grade mineral or olive oil as needed.

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